Established by Gözde Emre and Gamze Demirçin in 2007, the Demirçin-Emre Law Office offers solutions for all legal needs of its Clients with its dynamic, hardworking and devoted team that has been expanding throughout the years.  

Our vision is to establish a dispute resolution method, which is also inclusive of negotiations in which conflicts do not escalate further, but those that result in consensus and gain, to be prioritized. Pursuant to this vision, Demirçin-Emre Law Office creates a foundation for consensus while also looking out for the high interest of its clients, and if the matter goes to court transforms the case into an achievement through effective and qualitative litigation. 

All legal experts at Demirçin-Emre Law Office act upon the principle of thorough research and effective follow-up during service. Our legal experts place great importance on the principles of competence, knowledge and efficiency.  

Demirçin-Emre Law Office, as part of the legal consultancy service it offers to companies and with the help of its experience, works to prevent issues from occurring, rather than solving them after they’ve occurred. Within this scope, it regulates the labor law substructure and commercial contracts of companies and offers effective solution to the problems which have already emerged. 

The experienced team of mediators at Demirçin-Emre Law Office also performs mandatory and discretionary mediation duties alongside the duties of an attorney. 

The Office offers quality and customer oriented service in the application and process regarding trademarks, industrial design, patents, and utility models with its staff experienced in the field of industrial property rights.

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